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Carnegie Development is in the process of acquiring
three special purpose entities
with a total net worth exceeding

Our Mission

To add value to our stakeholders by providing comfort
so as to laugh, play and work. 


To be a company that everyone wants to be a part of and if not,
feel like they are missing out. 

This company is investing in projects with JMJ Development. 


Hospitality is a major portfolio of JMJ Development

JMJ Development is developing ultra-luxury hotels, destination resorts, and exclusive branded residences. Carnegie is known for its consistent iconic hospitality projects. Each enterprise demonstrates unique architectural creativity.

JMJ Development thrives in a highly competitive industry because of its unique insight. Carnegie has received the Five-Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.
This distinct honor is recognized world-wide as a hallmark of excellence in the global travel and luxury services sector.

  • 4 Luxury Hospitality Projects in Progress

  • 895 Luxury Hotel Rooms

  • 400 Million in Investment Opportunities

  • 1.2 B in Development

AS OF 3Q2019


Multi-Family is a Second portfolio of JMJ Development

JMJ Development is a developer of multifamily projects through-out the nation. Today, the Company is developing multifamily properties in Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. Population growth in urban areas persists and demand for multifamily housing re-mains strong.

Well-capitalized and having access to the Capital Markets, Carnegie is prepared to move rapidly as it pursues a streamlined and disciplined approach to the development
of market-leading multifamily communities in dynamic markets.

  • 4 States

  • 2,708 Units under construction

  • 16 HUD Partnered Projects


AS OF 3Q19


Land Deals are a Third portfolio of JMJ Development

JMJ Development is a leader in land development, with experience in acquiring prime land and developing high quality, master-planned residential communities. The Company has partnered with multiple home builders that
are focused on building exceptional residential communities and homes.

Within the Company, knowing and respecting the market is priority. The Company's philosophy is built on providing the highest possible quality project for each specific target market.

  • 16 Total Land Deals

  • 70 M in Development

  • 300 M in the pipeline

AS OF 3Q19



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